There aren’t many who could say they learned how to make pizza from the land where Neapolitan pizza was born—Naples, Italy. Well, the Vetrano family not only can say that, but they are considered one of the best innovators in the Neapolitan pizza and Italian cuisine business on Long Island.

Their story dates back to 1979 when Pasquale Vetrano and his wife Lucia opened Ciros 2, a small, 900 sq. ft. pizzeria in New Hyde Park. They grew their business with hard work, dedication, great food and the help of their 2 sons, Giuseppe and Pasquale Jr. (sister Isabella was spared working with the men of the family…LOL). By 1998, with the full-time help of their sons, they fully renovated, changed the name to Papa Ciro’s and expanded by adding a full service Italian Restaurant. In 2006, for their final expansion, they added a beautiful catering room with a full bar and café serving Italian pastries and authentic gelato.

In 2011, Giuseppe and Pasquale Jr. now entrepreneurs in their own right, took what was in their blood and what was taught to them by their parents and gave it a modern twist creating and founding a new pizza concept trademarked SKINNYPIZZA®, located in Roslyn Heights, Garden City and downtown Manhattan.

Today, the Vetrano Family come home to Mineola, where they live, to open an upscale Pizzeria called Spaghettini Pizza Trattoria. This causal Trattoria serves upscale Italian cuisine out of it’s open kitchen and stone fired pizza ovens. The interiors have a modern Italian style with mosaic tile floors and butcher block tables. Great for lunch and dinner with either friends, family or business associates.  The Vetrano Family history will continue to grow with more generations on the way, They are sure to continue to expand while still being rooted back to their origins of Mineola, New York and Naples, Italy